Assistive Technology – Learning About Networking Software, Technology & Equipment!

Assistive technology is referred to as any type of Device, Software system or Equipment which helps people work through their challenges.

A Couple Examples of Assistive Technology included Text-2-Speech and word auto-complete and more.

Other Software & Tools for Assistive Technology include some of the following:

  • Networking Tools for Beginners
  • Network Monitoring Basics1 and Software
  • Hands-On Cisco Training2
  • Network Lab Environments
  • Home Network setup guides and More3

Below is a list of some Assistive Technology Resources


Resources & Information:

  1., 01-04-2020, Best Network Monitoring Software & Tools
  2., 12-19-2019Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab
  3., 03-, How to set up a homelab from hardware to firewall