10 Best Apps for Learning Math for Elementary Students

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Sometimes math puzzles appear like pursuing a battle facing an infantry of zombies.

But, luckily, with a wide variety of available math apps (as well as paid subscriptions) to your salvation, solving math problems is no longer a puzzle. 

Here we offer some most useful maths apps to support children of all ages with their numerical knowledge and best of all, they are fun!

Here’s the Best Apps for Learning Math for Elementary Students:

1. Zap Zap Kindergarten Math (Available: Android, iOS)

Zapzapmath has engaging Math Games for Kids that excites and involves kids with over 15 million problems explained.

Zapzapmath has over 150 math exercises to train, with a completely developed extensive curriculum that has been intended to reflect State Standards.

All of this merged into a game-based ecosystem of playful math mastering for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary kids!

2. Splash Math (Compatible with Android, iOS)

With the Splash Math app, children can exercise content for every 1st to 5th grade.

That serves all students – the child who has finished his/her grade level can instantly go ahead and train the succeeding class level; and the child who requires a correction of earlier grade abilities, can go backward and practice them again.

Splash Math adjusts to the kid’s level and assures command of each class level math abilities.

3. Rocket Math (Compatible with Android, iOS)

Rocket Math accepts that any learner can master math data and it doesn’t necessitate to be difficult.

Accurately planned for completion, the Rocket Math Online Game allows a means to guide children math facts so that everybody can appreciate it, do it properly, and do it promptly.

They cannot help but absorb their math facts from operating this entertainment study. Kids can log in and operate from every machine, everywhere, and at any time of day!

4. Elephant Learning (Available: Android, iOS)

Elephant Learning gives a selection of 21 interactive games that are based on a distinct subject and subtitle.

The graphics and optical presentations of this software are elegantly done and encourage the student to become interested in math while enjoying at the same time.

5. Math Facts Mahjong Game (Compatible with Android, iOS)

Math Facts Mahjong is a fabulous math game for children studying and training math data or to anyone simply craving a unique sort of Mahjong.

The game proposes many customizing choices that maintain its crisp and engaging UI for kids. Mastering Math Facts Mahjong will demand math talents, plans, and a tiny chance.

Math Facts Mahjong draws collectively the recreation of Mahjong Solitaire and maths training.

Unitedly, these elements produce a surprisingly enjoyable and productive approach to generate calculation talents.

6. IXL Math (Compatible with Android, iOS)

IXL Math app is an immersive education activity that administers complete, standardized math and English curriculum for ages 4-18.

With IXL, your kids will discover at their individual speed, IXL’s adaptive puzzles automatically conform to correctly the appropriate level of challenge.

A broad assortment of topic types sustains exercise sessions current and allows every kind of student to achieve.

7. DoodleMaths (Compatible with Android, iOS)

DoodleMaths is a math curriculum that promotes math discovering in houses and schoolhouses.

It recognizes children’s more vulnerable sections in training and modifies a presentation to the kid.

Invented and optimized for smartphones and tablets, DoodleMaths is excellent for portable studying and as a help for study.

It is applied both to increase achievement with struggling pupils and prolong the more effective, despite unique educative requirements or communication difficulties.

Its in-built data recognizes the strengths and vulnerabilities unique to each kid and creates a task list special to their inadequacies.

8. Timeland – Calendar & Clock (Compatible with Android, iOS)

Timeland is an app that guides kids the idea of time. The specialties incorporate a child-friendly calendar and clock to explain the notion of daily activities as well as demonstrating how time marches on. This application is intended for kids aged 3 to 7 and comes in various distinct languages.

9. Komodo Math (Compatible with Android, iOS)

Komodo’s center is on comprehending calculation and cerebral math because this is the essential platform for eventual achievement in arithmetic. It guides the student through counting, summation, deduction, multiplication – including decimals, percentages, fractions, timetables, division, and several more indispensable points.

10. Division with Ibbleobble (Available: iOS only)

Division with Ibbleobble employs the well-known mechanic of solving multiple-choice puzzles to train and strengthen eloquence in the division. It consolidates this method with a refined and well-designed display.

A child’s capacity to explain division puzzles is completely connected to their knowledge of arithmetic but, as well as grasping the multiplication tables fluently, they need yet follow particular division issues. This increases their ability to perfectly apply their multiplication learning to manage out division-based mathematics.


Math apps provide children the opportunity to communicate about math notions without resolving a puzzle or coming up with an explanation. They solely present these ideas in an interesting and easy-to-understand method. We trust this listing of fun, active and appealing best maths apps will support your kids better their numeracy talents.